Parts & Service


Our specialist Parts and Service team are always on standby to provide expert advice, support and back-up.

Over the years and across thousands of job sites worldwide, Vermeer construction equipment and parts have stood the test of time.  Professional contractors will always choose Vermeer parts and service, along with tooling and accessories for very good reason.  Its been proven that utilising Vermeer quality tooling helps increase production and job completion and cuts down on costs and downtime.

Across the entire range of machines, Vermeer equipment is backed up by a proven world class parts distribution and service support network.  Vermeer is committed to building reliable quality equipment that keeps you “on the job” at all times.

Our knowledgeable parts and service department have many years service with Vermeer and is always available for back-up, support, technical advice and our fully equipped parts department are always on hand to supply and despatch stocked parts via courier or collection from our depot in Wellingborough.

We pride ourselves in our company motto, that we here at Vermeer UK are always “Equipped to do more”   

  An extensive range of parts is always kept in stock – ready for immediate delivery or collection.

Parts Department                                            

Tel: 01933 274400    

Service Department

Tel: 01933 27440

Out of hours telephone number for emergency breakdown 07880740534