Majestic Trees in St Albans have ordered a Vermeer CTX100 skid steer to add to their two S800TX models. They have been running Vermeer skid steer loaders for many years now and use them both at the nursery and on-site to install potted trees.


We are pleased to announce that Mike Manchuchini has joined Vermeer UK to support our Recycling and Biomass customers. Mike has many years’ experience in the waste and recycling industry having originally started in Hazardous waste and then into the baler and compactor sector. His more recent years have been spent supporting customers with Hammel and Arjes equipment – where he sold both slow and high speed shredders nationwide.

He is very customer focused, and able to bring a wealth of knowledge and know how to our customers. Mike joined the Vermeer team after seeing the New HG range of equipment grow and being impressed by its quality and capabilities. As he says, he could only sell a product he believes in.

We are looking forward to Mike getting the word out there and welcome the input his hands on experience will bring to the team and customers.

Mikes other interests, include motorbikes, golf and football.

Mike can be contacted on:


Mobile: 07717 448357






Vermeer has bolstered its industry-leading line of HDD tooling and accessories with the addition of the Silver Series drill rod. Building on the tradition of the acclaimed Firestick® drill rod, Silver Series drill rod gives contractors a quality aftermarket drill rod at an economic price.

“There are many similarities between Firestick drill rod and Silver Series drill rod, including the threading and column wall thickness, but there are differences that help us keep a lower price,” said Dave Van Wyk, senior director of Lifecycle at Vermeer. “Firestick drill rod is the industry gold standard, as it offers unmatched quality and steering performance meant for the biggest and toughest jobs. Silver Series drill rod is a close second in terms of performance, giving operators a solid, cost effective option.”

Like other lower tier options on the market, Silver Series drill rod is composed of S135 common grade steel. But unlike others, it is threaded in the same state-of-the- art facility and subject to the same rigorous quality inspection process as Firestick drill rod.

In addition, Firestick drill rod and Silver Series drill rod have the same column wall thickness, which is thinner than some competitive drill rod options. Van Wyk said this is why Vermeer drill rod provides superior longevity and steering performance.

“Thicker column walls, while cheaper to manufacture, require more force to steer. That can put unbalanced stress on the connections and lead to premature thread wear and even joint failure,” said Van Wyk. “The Silver Series drill rod has the same wall thickness-to-connection strength ratio proven on Firestick drill rod.”

Silver Series drill rod is now available in four sizes: 1.66″ (4.2 cm), 1.9″ (4.8 cm), 2.06″ (5.2
cm), and 2.375″ (6 cm) for use on the D7x11 through the D24x40 S3 Navigator® HDD models,  including all current and legacy models in between.



Amey invest in Vermeer equipment to get tough urban tree work done 

Introducing the all NEW d10x15 s3 directional drill

Introducing a new direction in horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The D10x15 S3 offers even more power and performance than its predecessor, the D9x13 S3. It’s a reliable, economical solution for small service installation — built to help increase your crew’s productivity so you can go from one job to the next faster. With significant gains in horsepower and speed and a reduction in noise, the D10x15 S3 can help you put more product in the ground in a shorter amount of time.

Features and benefits

  • An increase in carriage speed of almost 11% over its predecessor allows for faster cycle times and improved jobsite productivity.
  • Improved rotation performance helps boost productivity — an increase in spindle speed of up to 16% over its predecessor allows for a better mud slurry, enabling better mud flow while pulling in product in softer or reactive ground conditions.
  • A maximum ground drive speed (forward) of up to 3.3 mph (5.3 km/h) with optional wireless remote makes it faster than the closest competitor — helping make job setup times, jobsite entry and jobsite departure go more quickly.
  • A high rotational torque rating of 1500 ft-lb (2033.7 Nm) and 10,000 lb (44.5 kN) of thrust/pullback force provide the versatile power required for tough ground conditions and pulling reamers.
  • An almost 50% increase in tractive-effort-to-weight ratio over its predecessor enables improved tracking up and down ditches and enhanced manoeuvrability when fine-tuning setup and trailer positioning.
  • Reduced noise levels at operator’s ear makes a quieter working environment possible — creating less neighbourhood disturbance and enabling easier communication among the crew.
  •  Small footprint — 4″ (10.2 cm) narrower than its closest competitor — allows the drill to easily manoeuvre within narrow jobsites and position side by side with a mix system on a trailer.

Eco Chip a Worcester based renewable energy company taking delivery of a Vermeer HG4000 fitted with chipping drum.   “this is by far the best chip I have ever seen” said Simon Wall production manager at their Pershore Bio Mass facility

Contact Richard Cross on 07717 448 357 or 


Recently Vermeer UK trenchless specialists carried out hand over training of the last new D36x50 sII Horizontal Directional Drill to be sold in the U.K. The D36x50 was installed on a challenging project consisting of coarse and compact sand, however complimented by the Vermeer Armor drill head the project was completed within the scheduled time with ease. Feedback from the customer stated that the training was clear, informative and well received by the on site drilling team.

Contact Luke Cook on 07769 740 763 or



Acorn Environmental Management Group (AEMG) based in Redditch have taken delivery of a new Vermeer BC1000XL 12” Chipper. Kevin O’Rourke, AEMG Managing Director, described the Vermeer chipper as a ‘beast’ and said they loved it.

Motorway dwellers in the Midlands will have regularly seen the BC1000XL keeping the verges clear of trees. The BC1000XL is fitted with the latest Deutz Tier 4 (Final) 74 hp diesel engine for cleaner running. It also has Eco-Idle which drops the engine to tick over when not chipping to reduce site noise.

Contact Paul Doyle on 07879 6000 54 or


Vermeer Steering Shoes are, in a word, tough.  They start with Vermeer-specified high-alloy, heat-treated steel to resist wear and add durability.  Each shoe is designed to meet the exacting tolerances for Vermeer HDDs to maintain peak performance.

Throughout January & February enjoy 15% discount on all varieties.  Please use this exclusive code SHOE030 to take advantage of this offer.

Contact David Love or Jamie Simms on (01933) 274400 or email


In September of this year we did the bi annual APF ( Association of Professional Foresters) again at Ragley Hall. The turnout was great and I had the good fortune to bump into an old Customer. After dragging them onto the stand I was able to give them a good brief of the SC30tx. This resulted in a sale for the following day to the Customer TBS (Thurston Building Supplies). Upon delivery and install of the machine to Melvin, I was able to take some pictures and short film clips of the install; which went very well. I put the pictures and film clips on Vermeer Facebook and shared them onto various Facebook pages. This all went down very well, in fact so well, that it generated an enquiry from Josh for a SC30tx the following morning. The price of the machine was acceptable to him, which he paid there and then. The machine was delivered and grinding by 4 o’clock the same day. Josh has since given us a good review of the Vermeer Facebook page and is now looking at a Vermeer skid steer.

Contact Nigel Ecclestone on 07880 99 00 88 or



Vermeer UK will be exhibiting our range of machines at the following shows in 2017

Details and confirmed dates to follow.

Executive Hire Show – February

ARB Show – May

ConFor Woodland Show – September

Cheshire Ploughing & Machinery Show – September

RWM – September

SALTEX – November 



Vermeer UK have added the Lipa TLBE 70 Flail to its range of skid steer attachments. The flail is ideal for both the Vermeer S725TX and S800TX Mini Skid Steer Loaders. The flail cuts with large Whale Tail Teeth which give a clean wide cut and are easy to resharpen. The Lipa Flail is of heavy duty construction for tough working conditions. It’s triple belt drive system is designed to prevent shock and impact damage to the hydraulic motor which has a tank drain to eliminate high pressure damage to the seals. Dean at Arborum Limited in Swansea purchased a flail several months ago and is really impressed with its performance on his S800TX Skid Steer.

Contact Vermeer UK on (01933) 274400 or email